Drum cover

Things i'm doin all this while

Helping out the percussion section

Performing in church for Praise N worship Lenten campaign

Parish youth Ministry


These are the things i've been doin all this while in church and school.Well we formed our very own christian band in church known as ONE UNITED~
I've really enjoyed during the practice and performance
PS : Chris is really good joker hehe...

but now i still feel that i lack of something just dunno what is it..?
perhaps i should spend more time in church and wif my family as well....

Guys that's all from me
i've been very busy wif all this stuff that's y i could not update my blog
so stay tune~ppl




It been so long never update ma blog....Well Today is christmas as we rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ..During this Christmas season i Hope i'll discover something in myself.

By the way 7 days left for new year..Another Big adeventure is goin to start in ma life soon..
In year 2oo9 i went through a lot of sufferings, happy moments and unforgettable memories in my life..
Btw People

As the year ends, dont count what you lost.
Instead, cherish what you have plan what to gain.
The past never returns but the future may still fulfill the loss..
Happy New Year
-Have Great Year Ahead-

Peeps,i'm goin to penang next week saturday around 9.30 a.m from Stadium Indera Mulia ipoh b'coz i got NS in Penang -Balik Pulau-
I receive the notice few days ago,while i reading the procedure i saw Permisson letter from parent to handle COLT M16 Whoa!!
That's all from me
Btw i'll be away for certain period...

So stay tune peeps-

Nativity Of Jesus

The remembrance and re-enactment of the Nativity in the Christian celebration of Christmas signifies their belief that Jesus is the "Christ" orMessiah promised by the Old Testament. The main religious celebration among members of the Catholic Church and other Christian groups is the Church service at midnight on Christmas Eve or on the morning of Christmas Day. During the forty days leading up to Christmas, theEastern Orthodox Church practices the Nativity Fast, while the majority of Christian congregations (including the Catholic Church, theAnglican Communion, many Mainline churches, and Baptists) begin observing the liturgical season of Advent four Sundays before Christmas—both are seen as times of spiritual cleansing, recollection and renewal to prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

The New Testament provides two accounts of the birth of Jesus: one in the Gospel of Matthew and the other in the Gospel of Luke.The birth narratives of Matthew and Luke have some elements in common. They both relate that Jesus of Nazareth was the child of Mary, who was betrothed to Joseph, a descendant of the Biblical King David. The narratives also present the conception, preceded by an angelicannunciation, not as the result of marital relations, but of the power of the Holy Spirit.Meanwhile, the Gospel of John is silent on the nativity,as is the Gospel of Mark,which most textual critics consider the earliest of the canonical gospels. Critical scholars see the Gospel accounts as different, conflicting narratives, and they consider them to be pious fictions.E. P. Sanders describes them as "the clearest cases of invention in the Gospels",while John Hick states that "the whole beautiful Bethlehem Christmas story [was] created to fulfil supposed Old Testament prophecies".

New Blog

i did this while i've nothing to do

Strange But True

1.When we donate Rm500.00 to church,we think it is a big amount we are sacrificing.When we go shopping with RM500.00 it becomes a very small amount.

2.We think we are making a big sacrifice in going for Holy Eucharist on sundays and spending 45 or 60 minutes in prayer.But going for a movie or watching a football match,we don't realize how time passes.

3.When we go for prayer,we don't know how to pray and what to ask for in prayer.When we talk to a friend whom we love,words flow like water..

~Have Your time wif god..as god will the have time for you~

Velvet Revolver - Slither - Full Song